We Need Ideas!


Date & time Aug 8 '15
At chatterkids. (It forced me to put a location)
Creator CyborGamer925

Who's attending



We Need Ideas!Hello everyone, I need to tell you all something. Me and my dad are thinking this website needs more stuff and needs to be updated. So we decided all you guys and girls can help us grow! We need anyone and everyone to give us ideas for ChatterKids.com. If you have an idea, comment one this event and tell us what it is! Also, if your ideas help my website reach my mini population milestone of 25 Chatters, 

I promise I will reward you all with something cool and interesting!

Please report any glitches with this website and  me and my dad will try our best to fix it. Thank you for reading and bye!

The Wall

Aug 24 '15
Sounds like a great groundbreaking IDEA Son! I approve of this message. ~ Admin
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