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Deleted user Jun 29 '15
The biggest story of last year has been put to bed. We all wanted to know if the Miami Heat could win the Udonis Haslem Purple Jersey Championship. Could they find the balance between their two ball-dominating players in Lebron James and Dwyane Wade? They did. Would Chris Bosh be an effective tertiary option and rebounding presence after being the main man in Toronto. Once again the answer was yes. Would the seemingly razor-thin bench be able to step up their game? Lastly, the answer again was yes with Mario Chalmers, Shane Battier and Udonis Haslem making key contributions toward the winning play off push. So the monkey is off Lebron's back. He's got his first ring. The Heat have invested toward a repeat season with the signing of Ray Allen away from the rival Celtics. Bottom line is that the Heat are favorites to repeat and the big story will be seeing who will be able to prevent them from doing so. So let's see who has a shot: Normally I'd start in the Eastern Conference, but with the questions marks surrounding the health of Derek Rose in Chicago, the only roster with the power to truly compete for a spot in the finals is compromised. If Rose can return to his former self after knee surgery and months of rehab (and I hope he does because he the most exciting player to watch in the League) then the Bulls have will provide the best opposition to challenge for a spot in the Finals. Without him back to his former self, they don't have much of a chance. From where I sit, unless Rose is 100%, the Eastern spot in the Finals is the Heat's to lose. So who will they meet in the Finals? I'm already looking forward to a Lakers vs. Thunder Western Conference Final. They are by far the next two favorites to take the title as seen by the odds makers. It certainly is hard to argue with their stance. The Lakers' starting five now consists of Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Ron Artest, Kobe Bryant and Channing Frye Kids Jersey Steve Nash. (Gulp!) This team is set and only has one goal. Howard and Nash are looking for their first Championship, Kobe is looking to match Michael Jordan's sixth. Injuries and depth are the only things that can seemingly derail the purple and gold freight train. OKC on the other hand are not quite as set. As we enter the season, James Harden still has not come to an agreement on a contract extension. One Tag Archive for MLB" - Sports Events"wonders if a deal will get done. Kevin Durant got his maximum dollar extension and Russell Westbrook got and $80 million extension last year. Where does Harden fit on that wage scale? It sounds like he wants a max deal, but that would put him ahead of Westbrook and I don't think that would go down well with Westbrook. Ego is a big part of professional sports and I'm not sure how it will play out if Harden's deal is bigger. If they can't come to a deal at all, that throws a different wrench into the mix and could become a distraction as the team moves through the year toward the trade deadline in February. Either way, I think the Western Conference will provide a team that will provide a better fight in this year's Finals against the Heat.