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Movies, TV shows and sports games... what do they have in common? They all sound better with a home theater Prince Fielder S Jersey system. You could own one of the nicest televisions in the world, but it's not equipped with a surround sound system. If you're watching TV without surround sound, you're really missing out. Have you ever watched the same movie twice, but the second time around you watched it with a surround sound system? Seriously, it's amazing how you heard things the second time around that seemed to never be there previously. It's very impressive. Without surround, it's almost as if you never watched the movie, you just thought you did. Here's another question, have you ever watched an action movie when an airplane flies overhead? I'm pretty sure you have. The point is, one of the great features of home theater systems is that you'll actually hear the plane coming from what seems to be behind you, thanks to the rear surround speakers. Once the plane is seen on TV, the sound makes it feel like it's right there, and then quickly passes overhead, into the distance, with plenty of roar from the plane's engines. It's as if the speakers play a mind game with you, putting yourself in the movie. How about a movie with a gun fight? (Remember, violence is only entertaining in movies and not in real life.) Bullets flying from the left, the right, in front and behind you, and oh my, you almost feel like you're the one that got shot. That's exactly what surround sound systems are designed to do, put you in the middle of everything, all the the time, from beginning to end. This is what makes watching anything on your TV so exciting. You'll never have to worry about missing what an actor says. The front speakers and center channel speaker will Shin-Soo Choo Rangers Jersey clearly project their voice for even the hard of hearing person to enjoy. Most systems will allow you to control the volume from the center channel speaker to match your likings. About the bass... you can't watch a good action movie without bass. The subwoofer will literally bring a car crash or an explosion to life, in your living room. You're going to know what it feels like to be next to a building that just exploded. The sound from an explosion will make you move back in your seat. If you're not paying attention to the movie, yeah, it's going to grab it. How about video games? Playing video games on PS3 or XBox 360 with surround sound will dramatically improve your gaming experience. Just imagine how cool it would sound when playing a racing game as you crash against the side wall... or playing baseball as the bat connects to the ball. A home run will sound monstrous. What a mammoth blast from Alex Rodriguez! (You don't have to like the New York Yankess, just an example.) You'll feel it and it's something you can't experience without a surround sound system.