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Welcome to ChatterKids.com! This site was created and designed as a safe haven and online arena for children to fellowship and have fun. Minors joining this site will need to have their parents permission, and thus the parents will have to initially enter their information. The parents can enter their child's actual birthdate, but when entering the year, in order to override the required adult age specifications, parents would have to enter a fictitious year no later than 1992, in order for the site to accept the registration of their child/ren. [When the member's birthday rolls around, only the month and the day will actually be posted.] This is geared to be exclusively for Children's Networking...Parents can be assured and feel confident in knowing that this site will adhere to very strict monitoring. No membership will be accepted until being confirmed, and allowed by the administrator. The administrator reserves the right to cancel anyone's membership without notice: If any member would post any profanity; Attempt to share any illicit video content; And/or promote any inappropriate games. ~ Admin for Chatterkids.com / NewCreationConcepts.net *2015